Pickup Truck Adventures is a community of Pickup Truck owners and enthusiasts who love there Pickup Trucks.

It is also a place for Truck owners to help other Truck owners out with repair advice, customization ideas, and whatever else you wish to share with the community

Our Mission is to grow this site and the user community. so that someday this can be a one stop resource for everything about Pickup Trucks. Everything from talking about your Pickup Truck, showing off your Pickup Truck, selling and buying  Pickup Trucks or Pickup Truck parts. to what open recalls there are for your Pickup Truck.


This site was created by a couple of guys who really love Pickup Trucks, and realized one day there really is not a great place on the internet for Pickup Truck owners to get together and interact, share pictures, and stories of the fun Adventures they have with their Pickups. So in early April of 2011 they decided that this lack of a Pickup Truck community would not do, so they started pickuptruckadventures.com a Pickup Truck community that gives them and other Truck Owners a place to share stories, pictures, and knowledge, of their Pickups. We hope you find this site to be fun entertaining and a resource for all of your Pickup Truck Adventures.


We are constantly aiming to improve our site so we would appreciate any questions or comments you have. you can get a hold of us from the contact us page on the site or email us at pickuptruckadventures@gmail.com


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